Who is a Fatherless Daughter?

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Many girls and women who demonstrate the signs and symptoms of Fatherless Daughter Syndrome have not yet self-identified as a Fatherless (or Daddyless) Daughter or Fatherless Woman. Many more never will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they haven’t manifested any of the signs and symptoms, or that other’s aren’t impacted.

I’ve had many women ask me in the last two weeks alone if their circumstances make them a Fatherless Daughter. Based on my research and personal experience, here is my response to the question “Who is a Fatherless Daughter?”

A Fatherless Daughter is a female who, at some point in her youth, had a father who was absent. The females who manifest the Fatherless Daughter Syndrome more often are those whose father was absent for some reason that appeared to be his own choosing. That is not to say a female whose father dies of an accident or natural causes will not experience the Syndrome, but it is not as common.

More common are daughters of fathers who were absent due any one of these circumstances:

  1. Mother and father are neither living together nor married at the time of daughter’s birth nor during her upbringing. A surrogate father is not in place.
  2. Mother and father divorce while the daughter is young and impressionable.
  3. Father is absent due to his career (extended work hours or traveling regularly).
  4. Father is absent due to alcoholism or other addiction.
  5. Father is incarcerated.
  6. Father is absent due to an order of protection.
  7. Father is absent due to mother interfering with father’s rights.

There may be other circumstances. These are some of the more common.


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