Magazine – Fatherless, Not Powerless!

The conversation about Fatherless Daughters and Absent Fathers has been difficult in part due to the established language that includes these terms. There is nothing in these terms that is welcoming, forgiving, or remotely conducive to open dialogue.

I had struggled to include men beyond the Good Men Project writers and a few close friends, each the father of a daughter he actively parents. I wanted to find a way to invite civil discussion about the aftermath of divorced and never-married parents while also encouraging healing of those involved–including the fathers!

Inspired after a writing class with the energetic writer, coach, and teacher Pamala J. Vincent, I thought of plays on the words fatherless. Fatherless, Not Powerless! flashed to the forefront of my mind and I gasped! A quick search for proprietary rights and the domain name and I grabbed it!

Fatherless, Not Powerless! will be a new magazine (online only, to start) serving adult readers affected by divorce and the splitting of never-married parents. It will also contain a section for helping children in a related scenario. The content will promote awareness, recovery, and empowerment for the fatherless daughters, the mothers, the fathers, brothers, stepfathers, and the romantic partners involved with those affected.

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If you are have experienced fatherlessness and believe you have begun your recovery related, consider sharing your story. Fathers, daughters, sons, mothers, stepparents, and spouses – your perspective matters.  School teachers, employers, and other community members who see the impact are welcome to contribute, also.

If you are a  counselor or other professional service provider and would like to write as an expert on the topic, your article will be considered if it is substantially content and not advertising.

You will find the terms at this submission portal: