Learn to See Your Father through Your Spiritual Eyes

Author, motivational speaker, attorney, and relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant has been sharing her wisdom and humanness for decades via Oprah and independently. I came across a tweet of hers that seemed relevant to healing father-daughter relationships in this community.

In application:

As I learn to see my father through my spiritual eyes, the reasons he and I did not spend time together when I was young will no longer matter. I will feel peace knowing that he did all he was capable of doing at that time, in his circumstances. I will never know his situation well enough to judge him for his decisions.

Instead, I [Bless him, or ask God to bless him] with peace in his heart and soul. I choose to forgive my father for not being there for me.

Further, I choose to forgive myself for holding negative emotions for my father for so long that I hurt myself in so doing. From this moment forward, I will take responsibility for myself, my own actions, behaviors, attitude, and feelings.

If you learn to see your father through your spiritual eyes, what healing can you begin for yourself, and possibly for your father? Feel free to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments, below.