Why is Fatherlessness An Epidemic in America?

In my ongoing research about Fatherless Daughter Syndrome and related topics, I have recently found resources that discuss some of the causes of fatherlessness that were previously not on my radar on a conscious level. I’m posting the video clip below and this commentary to encourage thoughtfulness in the hope of preventing another generation of […]

We Experience All of Life Through the Eyes of Our Personal Frame of Reference

Have you ever thought about how we come to form beliefs and develop expectations? Certainly our family of origin influences our perspective. All that we have learned affects our beliefs and suggest our behavioral responses to what we observe. We experience all of life–all of the material world and that which is inside us–through the eyes […]

Journaling to Heal – Writing About My Father at Thanksgiving

The Sunday before Thanksgiving is a significant day for me. In 1996, it was the last day I saw my father alive and well. And in 2008, the Sunday before Thanksgiving was the day my father died. I first wrote about my relationship with my father while journaling privately on and off over the years. […]

Fatherless Daughter, Absent Father Scenarios in Ant-Man Movie

The fantasy world of Hollywood-style films must find a way to allow us to relate to the characters in order to engage us. Marvel’s Ant-Man was no different. The real-world circumstances surrounding the release of a father from prison, his desire to catch up with his young daughter, and the roadblocks set by his ex-wife, […]

Learn to See Your Father through Your Spiritual Eyes

Author, motivational speaker, attorney, and relationship expert Iyanla Vanzant has been sharing her wisdom and humanness for decades via Oprah and independently. I came across a tweet of hers that seemed relevant to healing father-daughter relationships in this community. As we learn to see each other through our spiritual eyes, the physical differences will cease to […]

Breaking Bondage to Family of Origin Pain

In this older video from Oprah’s LifeClass, the creator of Imago Relationship Therapy, Dr. Harville Hendrix guides a couple to work through the abusive husband’s family of origin memories. The video demonstrates how we carry our family of origin with us in our decisions if we are not aware. Until we recognize that we are […]

Who is a Fatherless Daughter?

It’s all a matter of perspective. Many girls and women who demonstrate the signs and symptoms of Fatherless Daughter Syndrome have not yet self-identified as a Fatherless (or Daddyless) Daughter or Fatherless Woman. Many more never will. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they haven’t manifested any of the signs and symptoms, or that other’s aren’t impacted. […]

Critical Impact Article on Good Men Project

The Good Men Project published my article The Critical Impact of Non-Residential Fathers on Their Daughters on July 5, 2015. Here is an excerpt from the article: As a mature adult, I have come to realize that the way we respond to life affects our results more so than what other people do “to us”. I […]