Call for Submissions from Guest Bloggers

I would like to invite guest bloggers to submit an essay or report of findings from research to me for publication on this website.

Keep in mind we are about Awareness, Recovery, and Prevention.

Let’s not dwell in negativity. Let us not lay blame, not on another person and not on ourselves. Let’s seek possibilities for healing hearts and building healthy self-esteem in the girls-women and their parents. Let’s help heal the mothers who may have pushed away the father. Let us remove the shame of the father who left so he can lead a better life, and when he touches the lives of others it will be with love and joy and not shame and grief.

That is what I want this site to be about. Healing and bringing out the best of all involved. If you can support that in your written words, I invite you to submit your post.

Who Should Submit and Prompts for Essays

  • Women who identify/identified as a Fatherless Daughter and are in recovery or feeling healed – Tell us how you felt, how you began your recovery, and what was your turning point when you knew you were emotionally healthier. If you have reconciled with one or both of your parents, tell us how you went about it and how you felt.
  • Mothers of girls whose father left and you believe you did not push him away- Tell us how you nurture and provide for your daughter. What would you like the father to know? What do you want the fatherless daughters who are or have been in this situation to know?
  • Mothers who have remarried – Tell us how your daughter and husband are working on their relationship. What works, what doesn’t?
  • Men who were not in residence for the duration of his daughter’s upbringing – Tell us how you felt and why you were not present. What was your relationship like when you left (for whatever reason) and how did it change? Have you reconciled with your daughter? Have you made peace with your daughter’s mother?
  • Non-residential fathers of girls who are involved with their daughters – Tell us how you stay connected with you daughter who lives outside your home. Tell us the obstacles and how you overcome them. Tell us – and think of other father who are not doing what you are doing – why the effort is worthwhile.
  • Step-fathers of girls who would otherwise be fatherless – How are you fathering the girl? Or, if she is grown now, how did you father her and what is your relationship with her now that she is an adult?
  • Professional counselors, divorce attorneys, and mediators, school teachers and others who have regularly observed the outcome of divorce where children are concerned – Tell us what you have observed and your hypothesis of why. In your opinion, what are the contributing factors to the fatherless epidemic in our society today? How can we reduce the statistics that imply dire consequences for fatherless daughters?
  • Grandparents who observe or are active in the lives of their fatherless granddaughter’s upbringing. Tell us what you see in behaviors of the girl and her parents, and possibilities for healing hearts and moving forward.

Here are the Guidelines

Permissions: When you submit your essay to me, Lisa M. Blacker at Fatherless Daughter (dot) Info, you are giving me permission to publish your essay with your name as author. You may select a pen name for the publication but you must submit the essay with your full legal name. You grant me permission to edit your essay for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and brevity, if necessary. You grant me the right and license to use your essay as I deem appropriate in perpetuity. You retain the copyright and may publish the essay elsewhere after 60 days from the date it is published on If you publish it elsewhere, you will state that the essay or article, etc. first appeared on with a link to the site.


  • Essays should be a minimum of 500 words and not more than 1200.
  • Reports of findings can be longer, but be sure to keep the reader in mind; this is not academia.
  • Poetry can be any length under 1200 words.
  • Photography and other art pieces are welcome. Please include a brief or full description of the relevance. I suggest you put your watermark on any photo.


At this time I am not offering monetary compensation for submissions. I am offering up to two links to your own site(s) as well as a bio with a link to your Gravatar or About page.

May you be satisfied in knowing that you are contributing to the healing of a significant portion of our society. Working for the greater good has its rewards! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. <3

Bio and Photo:

If I accept your submission, I will create a user account for you where you can complete your bio and add your profile photo. Your profile photo must be of you, preferably of your face. Logos will not be used.

How to Submit Your Pitch:

Please use the form at the bottom of the page that says “Send Lisa a Message” to send me a pitch: Which of the categories I listed above do you fit into. What is your perspective? What is you legal name; what is your author name.

Include a link to your site and links to samples of your writing. If you have not had your work published, you are still welcome to submit but please include a paragraph or two of what you have in mind to write.  After I receive it, I will respond via email and our further communications will be via email.